Growing Company Value

To help you increase the value of your company, we use a system that is based on data of more than 55,000 businesses. By evaluating your answers to a 15-minute Questionnaire, we will establish a sellability score for your business, as well as a likely market value. This initial score and valuation serves as the starting point for us to help you strategically increase company value across 8 different Value Drivers:

  • Financial Performance and Profitability
  • Growth Potential
  • Your Independence from ANY ONE employee, customer, or supplier
  • Company Cash Flow
  • Stable cash flow and monthly recurring revenues
  • Monopoly Control and Market Dominance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Your Company’s ability to operate without your physical presence or input

As company financials improve--perhaps even beyond what you thought possible (!)--and your company operates more smoothly and increasingly without you in it, your company value will rise measurably. At that point, you will enjoy the freedom of choosing between several viable paths to exit your business profitably and on your own terms --or staying in it, while reaping the rewards of what you have built for as long as you enjoy it. 

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