Why Company Culture is Critical for Growth

company culture Mar 08, 2022

The other day I was asked, "can you change my company culture?" "Yes, I can help with that," I replied, thinking to myself, this is quite a loaded question! Nevertheless, as I will explain further below, there are some proven and concrete ways to address cultural issues in an organization.

Typically, “company culture” comes up when there are difficulties and misalignments in a business. Among other signs of trouble, these may include any or all of the following symptoms:

  • Employees are not getting along.
  • Employees are not working well together as a team and are pulling in different directions.
  • Company is not achieving its goals.

If these problems occur on an ongoing basis, then they are becoming cultural—an integral part of how the company performs and does business.

Worst of all—if you are an ambitious and growth-oriented business leaderthese types of misalignment will not allow you to scale your company to its...

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