About Antonius Bittmann

My passion is to help you increase profits and market value of your company. This affords you the Freedom of Choice to sell your business for maximum $$$ or enjoy the many benefits of a high-performing operation.

As an owner of multiple companies, I feel your pain and share your dreams, but I also see your opportunities. Thirteen years after I purchased my first business, I now own fine arts schools in multiple states. But my entrepreneurial path has not been a straight line, nor has it been all glamorous. The peaks and valleys I encountered taught me the hard way how lack of strategic preparation doomed my chances to sell my company--on more than one occasion. Don’t let the same thing happen to you; it is very painful! At the same time, the knowledge I gained over the years has prevented me from buying the wrong business!

Based on my own hands-on business and life experiences, I have particularly deep insights into businesses offering educational programs for children and teenagers, such as dance studios, karate studios, music schools, art schools, drama schools, gymnastic schools, tutoring centers, among others. I am intimately familiar with the challenges owners of these businesses face on a daily basis--with students, parents, employees, day-to-day operations, competitors, etc.--and the pressures they are under to survive and thrive. I’m in it right now as you are reading these lines! But I also know how to make your operation more manageable. More importantly, having worked with multiple sellers, I have developed effective strategies on how to get out of it successfully--on your own terms and for maximum profit!

Education has been a life-long calling for me. I have studied (and still do) with some of the best business coaches in the industry. Outside of my business activities, I have earned two doctorates--a Ph.D and a Doctor of Musical Arts Degree (D.M.A.)--and for more than 20 years I also have had a distinguished career in higher education both as a professor and an administrator. 

I’m excited to share my knowledge of how you can prepare your business for the most profitable sale whenever the opportunity arises, or for the moment when you choose to sell.

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Antonius is a frequent speaker at professional conferences and other business events. Because of his extensive background, his perspective on the intersection of business and education has won praise from a variety of audiences. As Clint Salter, CEO of Dance Studio Owners Association, recently noted:

“Antonius Bittmann gave the members of the "Inner Circle" of the Dance Studio Owners Association a look into innovative new ways to think about how to sell their dance studio or buy a new one! His expertise as a business exit and acquisition coach, coupled with his experience as a business owner in the performing arts and his higher education background offered our members an inspiring way to think about their futures in the dance studio industry.”

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