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We help growth-oriented business owners maximize profitability and market value of their company. This offers them the Freedom of Choice to either sell their business for top $$$ or enjoy the many benefits of owning a high-performing operation!

Step 1

Optimize the Value of Your Company for immediate and long-term gains!

Step 2

Identify the Exit Strategy that best meets your needs and goals! 

Step 3

Attract your ideal buyer/successor and reap the rewards of your life's work!

Are You Trapped in Your Own Business? Need to Get Out?

Do you feel overworked and stuck in your own company? Overwhelmed by the volume of problems, challenges, and tasks that keep hitting you on a daily basis?
The daily struggles may slowly be killing your passion for what you do. You’ve tried every tool in your box to solve your problems, but nothing seems to work. 
Is it time for a more radical solution?

We’ll Empower You to Change Your Game

Using a customized coaching program, Grow2Sell® puts business owners back in the driver’s seat. We will work with you to clear a path that starts with recovery and ultimately leads to freedom of choice.

As you progress on this journey, you will experience some personal relief and begin to understand that you are no longer trapped. While you are optimizing all aspects of your operations, your business becomes easier to run and the value of your company increases. This opens up a new universe of choices. These include but are by no means limited to transitioning ownership by selling, transferring, or shutting down your company.

Some Results You Can Expect

Through the Grow2Sell® coaching process, you will achieve some amazing results. Among them, you will:

1. Maximize the value of your company by optimizing 8 different Value Drivers that Prospective Buyers will consider before making you an offer.

2. Increase cash flow.

3. Improve efficiency of company operations.

4. Lower your stress level as a business owner.

5. Free up more time for yourself, your Loved Ones, and all the personal interests that matter to you.

6. Grow your wealth more quickly by generating increased net profits to reinvest in additional business ventures and other income-generating projects--or simply to lead a bigger life!

7. Create a sustainable business model that will attract the right type of buyer to pay you what you want or need.

8. Consolidate Your Legacy as a business owner.

9. Design a Winning Exit Strategy to sell or transfer your company on your own terms and timeline, and for maximum profit.

Who Will Benefit from Grow2Sell® Coaching?

Though clients come to us from different industries, our ideal target audience is owners of closely held private companies in the service sector that generate at least $750,000 in annual revenue. Our speciality is educational companies, including schools across a broad variety of disciplines; training centers; academies; studios; etc.

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“Antonius Bittmann gave the members of the "Inner Circle" of the Dance Studio Owners Association a look into innovative new ways to think about how to sell their dance studio or buy a new one! His expertise as a business coach, coupled with his experience as a business owner in the performing arts offered our members an inspiring way to think about their futures in the dance studio industry.”

Clint Salter, CEO of Dance Studio Owners Association

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